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slowly but surely funny

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coveofmadness asked: Once you get this you must share 5 random facts about yourself, then pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers.

Well I’m flattered to be apart of your top ten then :) 

not sure if I’ll have the time to pass this around but here it goes

1. i am a first generation kid next to four other siblings. add two parents and my two older siblings spouses, and their kids, and you can say i’ve got a gigantic family

2. i’m a serbian (could you tell?)

3. i love cats but i hate them??

4. i have a collection of movie tickets from when i was 10 till now…never know when theaters might not be a thing anymore which is probably the most depressing mindset a 10 year old could’ve had at the time but i’m glad i started collecting when i did though

5. i love the fall, winter, and spring because i never know what to wear when it’s summer….like honestly you just sweat all the time idk how people can honestly say they like summer but yeah

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